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Participate in ‘Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina 2022’, a rendezvous that brings together an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and startups to meet industrialists, financiers, promotors, marina developers and architects in the quest to find innovative solutions to promote development of virtuous marinas. 
At the first edition last year, this unprecedented networking event, supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Monaco Government’s digital transformation programme, Extended Monaco, awarded prizes to three startups (Terroïko, Greencity Organisation and H2X-Ecosystems). 

All participants, including 50 international startups presented in the event’s E-Catalogue, praised the selection process which included one-on-one Grand Oral interviews and a Consensus Meeting that put them into direct contact with industrialists and investors. 

Keen to develop an initiative that achieves tangible results, for the second edition (25-26 September 2022) organiser M3 (Monaco Marina Management) is extending the concept to operating marinas or those in development or on the drawing board, and architects who have worked on marinas by inviting them to present their programmes to reduce their environmental footprint. 

Three prizes will be awarded: one for startups, a second for marinas and a third for architects.

Rendezvous 24th March 2022 for an online presentation on what to expect from the second edition.  

Catalyst for Innovation

The second edition of Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina aims to highlight the start-ups, marinas and architects in order to promote the innovation and know-how of international industry players. While demographic forecasts estimate that over 75% of the world’s population will be living in coastal regions by 2035, and given the yachting sector is expanding fast around the world with new destinations and marinas coming on stream, Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina provides a unique exchange platform to put forward tangible solutions to build, design and innovate virtuous marinas.


Decision makers of the Yacht Club de Monaco ecosystem.

Platform to promote

Communicate initiatives in favour of an approach to yachting that fully respects the environment.

// Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


Catherine de Roincé | CEO
TerrOïko develops new technologies applied to biodiversity and inspired by the best scientific & digital advances. We offer our clients analysis, modeling and visualization solutions of environmental data mobilizing new technologies for biodiversity management & monitoring such as digital twins, IoT & Deep learning.
Isabelle Gerente | CEO
Our startup designs solutions for monitoring and protecting the sea. Our patented solution captures waste before it reaches the sea, and targets rainwater drain outlets, especially those in ports and marinas before waste spills into the sea.
Stéphane Paul | CEO
H2X-ECOSYSTEMS develops ecosystems in industrial areas and territories, by manufacturing solutions to produce, to distribute, and to consume renewable H2, and by installing mobility solutions via hybrid solar/hydrogen vehicles.

Highlights 2021

“The global impacts of climate change are expected to continue increasing in frequency and severity and will be irreversible for centuries, even millennia, and are undeniably linked to human activity,” said Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer & Global Head Sustainability Strategy, Advisory and Finance at Credit Suisse. The financial sector has a role to play, particularly in the blue economy. Investing in sustainable solutions can and should be used as leverage for inspiring strategies for new businesses.

The emergency is now, it is time to act - and in a thoughtful manner as evidenced by new resorts along the Red Sea region “inspired by nature to develop a conceptual resort that will leave the coastline intact,” as explained by Nicholas King, in charge of the Red Sea Development project in Saudi Arabia.
The European Commission continues to support development projects promoting sustainable maritime ecosystems, confirmed Linos Voskarides from the EC’s Directorate General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.


Yacht owners have got the measure of the problem. While Richard Attias and Murat Vargi evoked the need for marinas to be pleasant places to live, Georges Cohen emphasised that before that happens it is vital some key aspects be addressed.

Appropriate electrification, as in Monaco, use of a clean fuel so as to no longer rely on diesel generators, application of existing regulations, managing grey and black water, and drinking water, recycling, etc. – all are challenges that many marinas need to address, as highlighted by Marco Casiraghi. Both speakers insisted those who do not respect the environment must pay the price for poor conduct. They were joined by superyacht captain Matthias du Verle for whom these changes should involve the concept and design of a yacht.


Concerns about sustainability took up most of the discussions between operators and developers. Beyond talking about practical solutions, often existing but not necessarily implemented, the international panel (Bahamas, China, Saudi Arabia, Monaco) insisted on the need to exceed the regulations.

While everyone admitted sustainable developments involved a big investment, they were seeing the value and not just from an ecological point of view. “Investment in protecting the environment should be included in companies’ accounts and incorporated into the overall value of any enterprise, which is not the case,” believes Brendan Jack, Director Sustainable Development at AMAALA (Saudi Arabia). Wang Dafu, President of the Visun Group in China echoed what had been said before explaining that use of green energy should be a priority combined with a much better use of resources.


Of the hundred-plus applications, only 55 companies from 30 countries were shortlisted to participate by the experts at Blumorpho. The adventure continued with the Grand Oral of interviews conducted by a jury of experts comprising 32 industrialists investors and representatives from companies who are a reference in their field.

Led by Credit Suisse, Bombardier, SBM Offshore, Veolia, Bouygues Construction, Colas, Bosch, Suez, Holcim, PureTerra Ventures, BtoV, Circularity Capital, SNGLR, SMEG, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Yacht Club de Monaco and NGE Connect, 160 online interviews were organised over a period of three weeks. During these orals, each startup had a chance to defend and promote their project in the hope of winning one of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marine Awards announced at the end of the day on 20th September.

After a Consensus Meeting (Thursday 16th September), 15 were selected in the following categories: equipment, health, energy optimisation, waste treatment, biodiversity and security. A handful went on to win the much anticipated prizes.


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// Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina

Innovation Call Process

Selection and referencing of 50 start-ups, 50 marinas and 50 architects worldwide.
Of these only 15 will be selected and will have the opportunity to present their projects to a Grand Jury, with a chance of winning one of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards on 25th and 26th September 2022.
The only winner of each category will be chosen by public voting of all participants of the event.
1 day of networking in Monaco with all the players (in person and online). Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards.
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Participate to be selected into the Smart Marina E-catalog promoted to more than 10,000 players on the Yachting and Marina’s industry.

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Emilia Clarke
José Marco Casellini
CEO of Monaco Marina Management
"We have been working on the virtuous marina concept for several years now. It is the deep conviction of all our employees that has enabled us to develop an expertise in this field, particularly regards water management. As living spaces, Smart Marinas that respect the environment must encourage emergence of new activities and services like Smart Cities do from which they take inspiration."
Emilia Clarke
Frédéric Genta
Interministerial delegate in charge of Monaco’s digital transition
"Smart yachting is an avenue for the future of Monaco. It is a component full of potential for the transformation of our economy and attractiveness."
Emilia Clarke
Bernard d’Alessandri
General Secretary, Yacht Club de Monaco
"As shown by the development of the so-called Explorers yachts, many shipowners are very concerned about the future of yachting. This trend can only become a reality if the infrastructures that welcome them are adapted to this energy and ecological transition. We want to be able to test these innovative solutions in our YCM marina, like an innovation laboratory."
Emilia Clarke
Michel Buffat
Head of Aviation & Yacht Finance, Credit Suisse
"Patience. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. Even if the client is being careless. The best part...always solving problems with great original ideas!"
Emilia Clarke
Olivier Wenden
Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
"We are pleased to promote during the next Monaco Ocean Week innovations brought to the table by the winning startups. The major issues relating to marine environment conservation have now been clearly identified. Supporting research and development of new sustainable solutions for a more virtuous yachting sector is all the more essential if we are to continue enjoying the pleasures of the sea, while responding in the right way to the challenges of its preservation."
Emilia Clarke
Christopher Degoumis
Vice President, International Sales & Services at Bombardier
"Sustainability is a value that drives Bombardier forward and we are honored to participate and support the first-ever Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina 2021 event. We look forward to having more discussions about the new and innovative technologies paving the way for a more environment-friendly marina ecosystem. Collectively, we can embrace the possibilities and the commitment to make the necessary changes for a more promising future."
Emilia Clarke
Scott Hall
Senior Vice President, Maritime Systems, Teledyne Brown Engineering
"Teledyne is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2021 Monaco Smart Yachting and Marina event. Our company is a worldwide leader in advanced sensor production, systems integration, and customizable solutions. These capabilities can be combined to provide situational awareness across multiple domains, to include port and harbor security."
Emilia Clarke
Didier Beynet
Monaco Country General Manager at SBM Offshore
“We are pleased and honored to participate in the very first Monaco Smart Yachting & Marina rendezvous. The objectives of this initiative are very much in line with SBM Offshore’s vision, and our commitment to provide safe, sustainable and affordable energy from the oceans for generations to come. As a company, we put a lot of efforts in supporting the energy transition throughout all of our activities. We definitely look forward to finding out more about the innovations that will make tomorrow’s marina more virtuous, and eventually help protect the environment.”
Géraldine A. Gustin
CEO of Blumorpho
"Reaching sustainability and carbon neutrality is calling for disruption and new technologies are emerging to enable the smart and sustainable transition. But success and impact requires leadership with the commitment of key players and stakeholders to adopt new models of sustainability. The Smart & Sustainable Marina initiative launched by Monaco Marina Management is a perfect example of an ecosystem entering into disruption to drive positive impact. BLUMORPHO as Innovation Partner is proud to be part of this action to define new sustainable models to be further applied in Smart Cities."
Héléna Bianchi
Vice President of NGE Connect
"Marinas are an interface that connects our cities to the marine ecosystem. Their components must therefore meet a large number of challenges: quality of service, personal safety, sound economic management, ease of use, adaptability to environmental constraints ... The combination of these challenges makes the environment of yachting and marinas an ideal meeting point for innovators who must design solutions that meet more requirements than elsewhere."

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