Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina

The Smart Marina event is an important initiative that seeks to drive positive change in the marina industry.

By promoting sustainability and innovation, the event is playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry. Through the gathering of key players and the sharing of knowledge and ideas, the event is helping to create a community of professionals who are committed to working towards a more
sustainable future.

WHAT'S YOUR objectives

Dive into all the activities happening at Monaco Smart Marina to open up new collaboration paths


Position your company and promote your solutions at the benchmark event for cities.


Gain exposure and promote your company in a rapidly growing market.


Discover new opportunities and expand your network.


Join top experts and industry executives on stage leading a global debate on what’s next for marinas.

You want to be a part of this

MARINA & architects

Compete for prestigious awards and recognition in Marina and Architect categories.

networking during the monaco smart sustainable marina
Sponsorship monaco smart sustainable marina

Looking for an even larger presence? Our sponsorship deals offer a visibility boost of the event.


As an innovator, apply and benefit from our 4-level business development package: Inclusion in the Smart & Sustainable Marina e-catalog ,introduction to targeted customers & investors, live pitch opportunity as a finalist, meet with marina promoters, architects, industrial professionals & investors looking to achieve their sustainability goals.
Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina