Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina



Catalyst for Innovation

The Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous 2024

The second edition of Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina aims to highlight the start-ups, marinas and architects in order to promote the innovation and know-how of international industry players. While demographic forecasts estimate that over 75% of the world’s population will be living in coastal regions by 2035, and given the yachting sector is expanding fast around the world with new destinations and marinas coming on stream, Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina provides a unique exchange platform to put forward tangible solutions to build, design and innovate virtuous marinas.


Decision makers of the Yacht Club de Monaco ecosystem.

Platform to promote

Communicate initiatives in favour of an approach to yachting that fully respects the environment.

monaco smart marina catalyst for innovation
vision monaco smart sustainable marina

Our Vision

Propose a programme to promote Smart and Green Yachting as an innovation driver for a POSITIVE IMPACT:

A global & innovative Eco-System approach.

Raise awareness among the industry, investors and innovators to get them to contribute to sustainable & efficient Yachting and Marinas.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina