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The Monaco Smart Marina Awards Spotlight

Participate in the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous 2023, an event organized by Monaco Marina Management at the Yacht Club de Monaco. An event that brings together an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and startups to meet industrialists, financials, promotors, marina developers and architects in the quest to find innovative solutions to promote development of virtuous marinas.

The awards are designed to honor and celebrate exceptional achievements in the marina industry, with a focus on sustainability, technological innovation, and community building.

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The Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous 2023

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Startup & Scaleup Award

The essence is to present new solutions and innovative technologies that help protect the environment in order to encourage their implementation in the building and management of more virtuous marinas.

Marina Award

This award is based on a strong vision that Smart Marinas are like micro-cities which can lead the way towards urban development that is more respectful of the environment, being aligned and in harmony with the Ocean so close by. Destined to become lively places where people want to be, future marinas are not only about yachting. They are a gateway to connect to all the associated facilities and services, and are duty-bound to be smart and sustainable – from initial conception.This award will reward the Marina which won over the public present at the Smart Marina event but also via the websites of Monaco Marina Management, the Yacht Club de Monaco and Blumorpho with its architecture, its environmental approach and the customer experience it offers. Submissions from all around the world are welcome.
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Architect Award

This award recognizes design excellence of smart sustainable marinas and yacht clubs worldwide. The IGAA was created to advance the appreciation and exposure of measures taken for the environment as well as provision of features designed to enhance the customer experience. Submissions from all around the world are welcome.

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