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Flisvos Yacht Club – winner 2022

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Shaping the Future of Marinas

  • Improved Efficiency: Optimize resource allocation, reduce manual processes, and enhance operational workflows for increased productivity.

  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Implement advanced surveillance systems, emergency response mechanisms, and real-time monitoring to ensure the safety of marina users and assets.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Minimize ecological impact through energy-efficient practices, waste management solutions, and sustainable water usage.

  • Seamless User Experience: Provide convenient digital platforms, streamlined processes, and personalized services to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Collect and analyze data to make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize marina operations for continuous improvement.

5 reasons to attend #monacosmartmarina

United to build marinas of the future

The latest trends and sustainable practices in the marina industry.

With other industry professionals and network with experts.

About new technologies and practices that can enhance your marina operations.

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Your marina’s excellence and gain valuable recognition through the Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards.

From the visibility and exposure that comes with being recognized for your sustainable and innovative practices.

The Marina Award process


open call form

The award process for marinas starts with an Open Call form, where interested marinas can submit their application to be considered for the Smart Marina Awards.



The pre-selected marinas will then have the opportunity to meet with the jury members to present their marina and showcase their sustainable and innovative practices.



The jury members will evaluate and grade each marina based on criteria such as sustainability, innovation, and design. Once all the jury members have evaluated the marinas, they will meet to discuss and decide on the top three finalists.



During the Smart Marina event, attendees will have the chance to vote for their favorite marina out of the top three finalists, and the marina with the most votes will be awarded the Smart Marina Award.

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Yacht Club Doha | The Pearl – Qatar – Participant 2022

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Abu Dhabi Marina Yacht Club – Participant 2022

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina