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Benefits of sponsorship monaco smart sustainable marina

An attractive market opportunity​

The Smart and Sustainable Yachting and Marinas represent a multi-billion investment market driven by high eco consciousness and for which many innovations and circularity are expected including in biodiversity regeneration, energy production ans optimization, marina management, water management and waste management.

Through our platform, architects have the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects with other industry professionals, including engineers, landscape architects, and marine specialists. By fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, we aim to drive innovation and create holistic marina designs that harmonize with the surrounding environment while meeting the evolving needs of marina users.

5 reasons to attend #monacosmartmarina

Paving the way for smart infrastructure towards a sustainable future for Yachting & Marina

And showcase your innovative solutions to marina developers and architects at the Smart Marina event.

Partners, and accelerate your growth in the industry.

Participate in the Smart & Sustainable
Marina Awards and gain valuable visibility and recognition for your startup.

5 reasons to attend monaco smart sustainable marina

In the marina industry and gain valuable insights into the latest trends in sustainable and smart marina design.

And share ideas to improve
your operations.

The Innovator Award process


open call form

Once startups have filled out the open call form, they will receive a book of specificities outlining details of a smart marina.



From there, they will have to present how their innovation can be integrated into a smart marina.


Grand Oral

The submitted projects will be assessed by jury members, who will select the top three entries.



At the event, attendees will vote on which of the top three startups should be declared the winner, and the results will be announced during the event.

award the innovator award process monaco smart sustainable marina

Econcrete – Winner 2022

Olivier wenden monaco smart sustainable marina
Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina