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The Akenza IoT platform is the perfect solution to build high-value and change-resistant smart solutions. It is the heart of your infrastructure, where you connect, control and manage IoT devices, all in one place. This allows for creative control when building a sustainable IoT application. It allows to collect, monitor and learn from data, creating efficient solutions and attractive services.


Akenza is the base architecture for many sustainable projectsit offers the perfect IoT stack for smart cases such as waste management, energy monitoring, asset tracking, environment monitoring, etc.
For example, we were at the core of the digital transformation strategy of Georg Fischer and the Hycleen Automation System (Hycleen AS): a sanitary automation system for large drinking water installations, digitized in just 4 months.


Akenza is the best low-power and low-complexity IoT enablement platform. The agnostic architecture and flexibility of the solution is the perfect fit for organizations of any size.


By offering a simple and flexible solution, you can start multiple Smart Marina IoT projects at once. Connecting all types of sensors, allows you to monitor anything and everything recordable with a sensor, opening the field dramatically to many sustainability and economically feasible projects.


Co-development: Being part of this innovative and sustainable Smart Marina project aligns with our values and goals as a company. 
We want to become the technological base for IoT solutions in the energy/sustainability field.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina