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Deed s.r.l.


Edoardo Parini

// Description of activity

Deed is an Italian deep tech company which has developed get®, a wrist wearable device part of an innovative integrated HW-SW platform. It’s an all-in-one solution which deals with modern challenges regarding the complex digital-self connectivity and management through user authentication, payments and new UX methods. Get guarantees flexible customization, API fast integration to exploit multiple verticals.

// Solution or Product description

Get® enables:
– On board data encryption to guarantee that no one has access to native data;
– Biometric strong and continuous authentication through ECG ID method;
– Secure and fast c-less payments;
– Stand alone connectivity via Wi-Fi antenna;
– New and unique UX guarantees by Bone Conduction and intuitive HMI;
– Deep analysis of advanced biometric data (HRV, PPG, SpO2, BBT, stress/sleep monitoring).

// Unique selling proposition

– Higher security standard through dual core processors and eSE secure element;
– Unique and unambiguous ID acquisition method and advanced ECG biofeedback;
– New UX through the HMI and Bone conduction.

// Differentiation

Get®s strengths:
– ECG authentication
– Data encryption on board
– Innovative UX
– Reliable biometric data: FDA & ISO certified
– B2B strongly oriented
– HW/SW customization
– Next-gen rigid flex PCB

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

As for the pre-order Kickstarter campaign Deed™ aims to plant one tree for every get® sold. Moreover, the Deed Forest will compensate for all CO2.

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