Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina




Elsa Nicol

// Description of activity

Falco develops connected solutions for smart marinas:
– A white label mobile app for boaters for marinas to offer customers easy booking & payment of
waterfront services;
– Wireless sensors deployed on pontoons to monitor berth occupancy;
– A wireless boat monitoring sensor distributed by the marina, installed by boaters, which alerts them and
their marina in the event of an incident on board.

// Solution or Product description

Falco integrates state-of-the-art wireless sensors deployed in the marina and on boats, to provide the marina with monitoring capabilities, from berth occupancy to current monitoring, with an exclusive, innovative service of boat safety monitoring. Marinas connected with Falco solutions can offer a safer environment, efficient management and easy-to-access customer service to

// Unique selling proposition

The marina is at the heart of Falco solutions : marinas realize savings, can create a new profit center through distribution of the boat monitoring service, and drive customer satisfaction.

// Differentiation

Falco uses 99.999% reliable wireless communication technology for its IoT services, enabling boat safety monitoring. Falco owns end-to-end solutions and drives an innovative product roadmap.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Falco improves operational efficiency of the marina in the fight against the risks of pollution of aquatic environments (fire, hydrocarbons), the control of the energy consumption of ships and the communication and environmental awareness of the port
towards its users.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina