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Hyperion Robotics

🇫🇮 Finland

// Description of activity

Hyperion Robotics is bringing automation and sustainability to the construction industry. We have developed a 3D printing system that can automatically produce reinforced concrete structures with recycled materials. We produce industrial infrastructure elements including seawalls and artificial reefs for marine restoration, building them faster, cheaper and more sustainably.

// Solution or Product description

Reinforced concrete 3D printing with recycled materials from different waste streams. We have developed a robotic system that can automatically produce reinforced concrete structures for industrial and infrastructure projects such as coastal protection pods and artificial reefs with marine friendly concrete. We can do mass customization with no molds and production can be done onsite.

// Unique selling proposition

Our solution has a number of benefits: 4 times faster, 30% cheaper, 50% materials savings and only requires 1/3 of the labor compared to traditional construction. Mass customization without molds.

// Differentiation

We are unique because of our up-cycled concrete mixes from different waste streams and our proprietary automated steel reinforcement tool that allow us to build structural elements.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

There are three big areas:
1. Use of up-cycled materials such as calcium carbonate from paper production.
2. 50% reduction in the use of concrete with 3D printing.
3. Zero waste from molds and concrete.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina