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Equipment & Infrastructure


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Increase the number of berths in your marina by up to between+25 to 40% with a movable pontoon system. (Bureau Veritas certified; patent granted).

// PRODUCT OR SOLUTION DESCRIPTION is a space saving system with movable floating pontoons that offers great flexibility for installation. A simple, modular, scalable solution to allow more boats in a harbor and solve the problem of lack of berths.

// UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION optimises the area afloat in marinas making it possible to increase the number of berths by up to between +25 to 40% for zones that accommodate 6m to 12/15m vessels. The system can be implemented without need of any structural extension to existing harbours.


• A simple space-saving storage system for harbours and marinas with actuated movement of pontoons that can be implemented without major infrastructure extension works to existing harbours & marinas.

• Eco friendly wood & bamboo pontoon construction that can be gathered into floating platforms (functional; patented).

• Security benefits: anti-theft system. Bureau Veritas certified.


• Establish a partnership with a marina to install and trial a demonstrator.
• Seed investors.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina