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Nauticspot makes marinas smarter by providing innovative systems including: dock sensors and connected mooring buoys that detect the presence or absence of a boat, a branded mobile App to facilitate communcation with boaters, offer services and promote the destination (Digital Marina, security alerts, events, local shops, etc.), and dock monitoring working with synchronised cameras using AI algorithms (virtual perimeter, behavior analysis, etc.) to ensure a safe enviroment.


Oceanspot is a new smart mooring buoy helping marinas to expand capacity and know the real-time occupancy, allowing them to save time and fuel for inventory:
• To assign an available buoy faster or let the boater moor and book his night by scanning a QR code.
• To provide assistance and new services to boaters thanks to our mobile App
• To obtain regular statistics to analyze potential impact on the environment and seabed.


Oceanspot offers real-time supervision and is compatible with marina management software on an interactive marina map.
• Technology : It comprises different technologies using AI. Thanks to LoRa technology, the signal can reach several kilometers and the battery lasts 10 years.

• Eco-positive impact: reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and providing an eco-friendly mooring system to protect seabeds.

• Services: The angled buoy version allows boaters to book a buoy by scanning a QR code and download the App to get access to services and info about the mooring area and destination. Another benefit is that it is generating traffic and occupation statistics.


Nauticspot solutions stand out because:

• Our technology integrated in sensors is patented (France & International). 
• Our solutions provide a complete end to end solution combining hardware and software.
• As a pioneer in smart marina solutions, we have developed an expertise, validated through customers feedback and Nauticspot solutions success.
• Nauticspot cares about product quality, so we arproducing all materials in the south of France.


We are looking for partners for commercialization.

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