Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


ARCHITECT: In-progress
DATE OF COMPLETION: 113th September 2022
SIZE OF PROJECT: 14 hectares, 15 buildings
LONGEST BERTH: SAS Vauban21 CCI Nice Côte d’Azur

Philippe Prost office’s work is characterized by a respect for the site, its geography and its history, by the choice of a constructive logic and perennial materials. In all projects, whatever the scale, memory and context are the basis of creation.


On the French Riviera, Port Vauban is now the largest marina in Europe. The entire site is being reimagined to restore its status as the world capital of yachting: a port for the third millennium.


Materials have been selected with regards to their ecological impact and according to the proximity or the sustainable management of their production: stones from Croatia, ceramics from France. Wood has received the FSC and PEFC ecolabels. Solar protection is insured by technological glass that automatically adjusts the opacity of the windows. The project features soft modes of transport on foot and by bicycle, with electric cars too. Parking will be optimized to allow the creation of planted areas.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina