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// Description of activity

SaMMY is a Greek startup that is based in the city of Patras, in Western Greece. It provides an innovative technological platform for the marinas & tourist ports’ market, with the vision to interconnect the world of marinas with the skippers and sea travelers, leading the digital transformation of the sector. The company provide services to more than 30 marinas and tourist ports in Greece. 

// Solution or Product description

SaMMY is an IOT, cloud-based platform, that allows skippers and sea travelers to easily search, compare, book and securely pay a berth space using on-demand services (web, widgets, mobile app).  The platform assists the marinas/tourist ports to optimize the management of their amenities and their human capital, to attract more yachts and visitors, creating sustainable jobs and revenues.

// Unique selling proposition

Integrated and cutting-edge digital services, quite revolutionary for the yachting industry, that combine the real-time berth allocation with efficient marina management and IoT-enabled mechanisms.

// Differentiation

Sophisticated, modern and attractive (easy to use) solution that supports the digital transformation, the transparency and the process optimization of marinas or tourist ports, by providing data interpretation, visualization and real time services.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

SaMMY platform is monitoring the conditions of the coastal and underwater marina environment or habitats, preventing the coastal degradation and water/seabed pollution (UN SDG8 & SDG14).

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina