Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


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// Description of activity

Seafloatech is committed to an ecological management and development of oceanic interface areas and an optimisation of mooring facilities for yachting, leisure, military and industrial use. Seafloatech expert in the design, manufacture and installation of marine floating modules, which are safe, environmentally friendly, and adaptable to their individual environment.

// Solution or Product description

The Seafloatech Pod reduces the impact on the natural environment and seabed, it controls the floating installation at one fixed point against the ocean swell
and tidal range. Its stability ensures the safety of any person or property on site, it reduces the surface area required by a floating installation by a factor of 4.
Environmental Surveys can be carried out by installing monitoring devices.

// Unique selling proposition

In same mooring area, get more boats or leisure modulus or for same number of boats restitue water. Develop a coastal waters monitoring network.

// Differentiation

The Seafloatech Pod, a sustainable and reversible seabed to surface patented mooring system for all types of pontoons and vessels, offering exceptional safety and comfort to all users.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

By reducing mooring systems’ carbon footprint by 30%, compared to current technology, thereby reducing the impact on Posidonia and increasing the safety of people and goods.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina