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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


Solar Cloth


William Borderie
Sales Director

// Description of activity

We have designed a high quality photovoltaic textile: light weight, foldable, furlable, and Made in France. It has already crossed oceans, breached the atmosphere and is constantly finding new applications. Our experience in the manufacture of boat sails has led us to combine textiles and solar modules, which can be applied to many fields.

// Solution or Product description

Flexible, light and powerful photovoltaic modules (176Wp and 500gr per square meter), it exists! Solar Cloths flagship technology does not break (absence
of glass) and adapts to all surfaces while generating little heat. Solely designed around CIGS technology, with a strong focus on material recycling, this module is of the most environmental friendly approach available in the solar energy market.

// Unique selling proposition

Where traditional solar panels are no longer relevant (too heavy, breakable, complex to install or uninstall), we are the right alternative. Thanks to the properties of CIGS and years of R&D, Solar Cloth modules adapt to all shapes and constraints. It can be installed sewn or fixed by velcro on stretched fabrics, it can also be welded/glued directly onto light/old roofs (without the need for air cushions), etc.

// Differentiation

Best weight / power ratio (280 to 340Wp / kg) vs 25 to 90Wp / kg for rigid and semi-rigid (regular silicon panels). Better performance in high heat as well as at the start/end of the day. Possibility of being moved / removed easily and logistics via cardboard tube. Low carbon footprint (25 gr CO2 / kWh, i.e. 2x less than silicon). Pre-selected for European Union Eco-Label.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Our solar modules, in addition to use solar energy, are a solid alternative to rigid solar panels, helping our customers to consider using this energy in new areas.

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