Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


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// Description of activity

We provide the operating system of a smart city through our digital twins. With frequent updates to reflect the surrounding change and dynamics (integrated live sensor data from cameras, radar, Lidar, satellite). We make real-time management of vehicles, cargo, passengers, assets, travel and pollution through the twins a reality. Automated resource allocation and planning. Predicting and simulating with AI.

// Solution or Product description

Problem: lack of real-time overview on resources, effectors, and state of assets that make (re)planning, management, and validation difficult, slow and expensive. Our solution: frequently updating 3D digital twins that solve all the aforementioned hurdles. We greatly save on time, expense while consider the financial contractual obligations when (re)planning.


// Unique selling proposition

No other technology can handle the amount of spatial data we process in real-time. Our digital twins operate in centimetre resolution. In commercial field trials and soft launches with Deutsche Bahn, Orange Telecom and others.

// Differentiation

No other technology was designed to perform in our use cases. Games industry technology is fast but cannot cope with the amount of data we process. Geospatial tools can but they are slow therefore real -time is far off.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

We already look at pollution (CO2 and methane) on land for rail + multi-modal transport with electric micro mobility and active travel included, and we can combine the land side port pollution with the sea side exhaust.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina