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Waste Management
Waste Management

// Description of activity

AquaTech Innovation deploys solutions to protect water in all types of locations in order to limit the impact of economic and tourism activities on the environment. Its first patented innovation, AquaClear, is a mini autonomous wastewater treatment plant that treats water 100% biologically, and can be deployed wherever traditional solutions cannot be implemented, including afloat.

// Solution or Product description

The strength of our solution lies in its ability to adapt to any type of environment (e.g. aquatic environments) and to variations in the volumes to be treated (fluctuations in the number of boaters).

// Unique selling proposition

AquaTech Innovation’s mission is to return the clean water we have borrowed from our planet.

// Differentiation

Thanks to our solution authorities, companies, and citizens are receiving reliable air quality data, which allows them to point the sources of air pollution and develop plans for preventing them.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Our systems enable humans to explore the unknown reaches of the oceans, collect data from there, and make better decisions about how to address the conditions of the marine environment.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina