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Bettair Cities


Josep Perello Valles

// Description of activity

Bettair Cities is a multi-award winning, deep tech company labelled with positive environmental impact. Located in Barcelona, their aim is to significantly improve the quality of life of citizens across the globe by monitoring air and noise pollution in urban spaces with high accuracy on a previously unimaginable scale, based on artificial intelligence techniques.

// Solution or Product description

Bettair® is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that permits, for the first time, the mapping of air pollution in cities, harbours, marinas, ports, water treatment plants, etc. on a previously unimaginable scale based on a large deployment of outstandingly accurate gas sensors by using an advanced post-processing algorithm. It includes the HW (gas sensor network), SW (back/front end) and an APP.

// Unique selling proposition

Bettair works on the same range as conventional stations but at a fraction of the cost (Total Cost of Ownership, at 10 years, 30 times smaller) and without requiring any kind of maintenance.

// Differentiation

Our novelty lies within the combination of custom electronics, a well-engineered mechanical design and post-processing algorithms, providing extremely precise measurements. All sensors are in a cartridge.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Our company’s primary motivation is to address air pollution, which is a public health crisis, at a global level. Bettair makes it possible to measure and identify the most cost-effective mitigation actions.

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