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Coral Vita


Sam Teicher
Co-Founder & Chief Reef Officer

// Description of activity

Coral Vita uses an innovative land-based farming model that integrates breakthrough methods to accelerate coral growth up to 50x while enhancing their resilience to climate change. We sell reef restoration as a service to reef-dependent customers while using our farms as eco-tourism attractions to unlock sustainable funding to support critically-needed ecosystemscale restoration.

// Solution or Product description

We integrate breakthrough methods to accelerate coral growth up to 50x (microfragmenting) while enhancing their resilience to climate change (assisted evolution). Using a commercial land-based farming model to generate requisite revenue, a single farm can potentially supply entire nation’s reefs with diverse and resilient coral.

// Unique selling proposition

Restoration as a service is sold to customers that depend on coral reefs’ valuable tourism, coastal protection, and fisheries benefits while the land-based farms further serve as local education centers and revenue-generating tourism attractions where guests can pay entrance fees and to adopt or plant coral.

// Differentiation

Coral Vita specifically addresses these challenges by growing diverse, resilient, and affordable coral and implementing an ecologically and economically scalable
reef restoration solution compared to traditional smallscale grant and donation-funded projects.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

The very nature of our business – growing coral to restore dying reefs – is rooted in sustainability by preserving the ecosystems that sustain us all.

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