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Water Optimisation
Water Optimisation


Clément Nanteuil

// Description of activity

Klearia develops a cutting edge technology for water monitoring of micropollutants (such as metals) in order to have a sustainable management of water. Smart monitoring enables more efficient (more effective and less expensive) water treatment for a healthy environment.

// Solution or Product description

With PANDa, we bring an easy to use, timely IoT, aimed at delivering an easy solution to seamlessly measure the different toxicity parameters desired by the user, either at the point of measurement thanks to the portability of our technology, or online.

// Unique selling proposition

PANDa is the first system that overcomes technical issues for accurate, in situ, user-friendly and robust analysis for micropollutants thanks to strong and patented innovation.

// Differentiation

PANDa is a miniaturised and fully automated laboratory. Based on lab-on-a-chip technology we brings this innovation for in-situ detection of the most harmful and common heavy metals in water. PANDa has been conceived to completely replace time-consuming, costly analytical technologies that do not meet market demands for quick and accurate results.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

PANDa allows key savings in terms of energy (less laboratory’s power consumption, including transport of the samples), consumables (reagentsfor standard methods), water (as sample), and CO2 (reduced samples transport). PANDa allows improved water treatment through rapid process decision-making and therefore less harmful pollutants in the treated water.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina