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Water Optimisation
Water Optimisation


Sophie Muratet

// Description of activity

FGWRS markets efficient gray water recycling systems for single-family houses, collective buildings and hotels. Its objective is to participate in the preservation of drinking water resources by recycling 80% of gray water to return to pumps, showers, washing machines … while recovering their calories.

// Solution or Product description

Process using membrane techniques, resulting from research work for the European Space Agency, implemented since 2005 at the Franco-Italian Antarctic research station Concordia. Recycling of gray water from the research station to showers, sinks, washing machine.

// Unique selling proposition

Reliable and safe thanks to experience-feedback of more than 15 years (without any health or technical incidents).

// Differentiation

Immediate process, treating gray water upon receipt, allowing the recovery and reuse of calories from treated gray water.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Our process is a true integrated circular economy process that saves drinking water and energy on site.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina