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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


Genport srl


Paolo Fracas

// Description of activity

Genport srl with headquarters in Italy and the US subsidiary, at Commerce (CA), makes resilient hybrid power sources based on the combination of ion lithium batteries with hydrogen powered fuel cells and advance controls suitable to extend electrical runtime in extreme environments.

// Solution or Product description

Genport makes fuel cells from 300W to 100kW, generating a high quality of electricity, heat & water powered by green hydrogen. We develop our own smart lithium ion battery from 3 to 100kWh. In this way we offer a full range of resilient power sources to generate without emissions, in extreme environments, low cost thermal/electric energy. With our engineering services, we can fit custom products.

// Unique selling proposition

Address market with an integrated approach encompassing electrochemistry, embedded electronics, advanced controls. Strong capabilities to bring scratch ideas to industrialized product.

// Differentiation

Our hybrid fuel cells combine as a whole modular heat and power generation unit and energy storage from 300W to 100kW. They can operate Auxiliary Power Units and Back-up Units.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

By definition Genport srl is committed to design and realized zero-impact power sources. From the components to the operation management our effort is to select products and procedures to extend lifetime, reduce the consumption of fuels, and implement recycle and second life approaches. For instance, we aim to implement PPA to sell energy generated by our clean generators and thus get back the product to revamp parts and the entire system.  Our fuel cell generators are powered by green (blue) hydrogen.

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