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Waste Management


Nexus Environnement


Maxime Gaucher

// Description of activity

Nexus Environnement, is committed to Ocean Protection. Nexus Environment is a consulting and marketing company. We promote innovative solutions in municipal solid wastes and in wastewater treatment. We source impactful technologies worldwide that are capable of making a difference and furthering concretely the emergence of the circular economy, and of environmental sustainability without hampering economic growth and opportunities.

// Solution or Product description

The solution is a system. It works as a network to cover a designated area with 2 interlocking technologies:
1. Waste traps: the waste traps attached to buoys and located strategically, collect liquid and solid wastes autonomously using solar PV at 100%.
2. Hybrid barge: the hybrid barge is powered at 80% by solar PV. It collects wastes on route and empties the waste traps when they are full.

// Unique selling proposition

1. Low operational costs regarding labour and energy expenses
2. Powered with renewable energy in harbour for low impact
3. Waste traps operate 24/7 autonomously 4. Collects solid and liquid wastes

// Differentiation

Three features are differential:
1. a superior autonomy, and lower carbon emissions
2. a capacity to combine passive and active waste collection
3. It captures and separates liquid and solid wastes.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

We source worldwide, and promote innovative and technical ready solutions. Our purpose is to achieve sustainable impacts on the treatment of waste waters and municipal solid wastes.

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