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Mobility & Services


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Idam Cohen / Co-founder & CEO /

Pick a Pier is on a mission to make the ocean more accessible, and sustainable. By connecting the next generation of boaters with the most forward-thinking marinas across Europe, our easy-touse platform enables transparent communication and easy financial transactions. Sitting at the intersection of the boater-marina relationship, we’re digitising the recreational boating industry.


Pick a Pier optimises marina berth space using sharedeconomy principles to promote maritime tourism, increase the industry’s profitability and sustainability and reduce the need for additional construction. Our team has developed technological solutions for centuries-old industry processes, making them simpler, more convenient and sustainable. 
On the boater side, we’ve modernised the berth reservation process by centralising paperwork and facilitating online payments for maritime services.
On the marina side, we help teams and managers increase their revenue, optimise their operations and gain strategic insights — while reducing manual, time-consuming backend tasks.
Pick a Pier leverages user-generated data and machine learning algorithms with sharing economy principles to match supply and demand in real time, empowering everyone to maximise their existing resources.
We have raised the boater-marina relationship to the next level, providing a better user experience for both. But that’s not all. Pick a Pier has finally brought the maritime industry into the digital agewhile protecting earth’s most valuable resource: the ocean.


Our deep-tech solution enables marinas to better manage their supply in response to changing demands, while increasing boaters’ satisfaction, bringing added value for all stakeholders in the industry.


Our team has a broad knowledge of the recreational boating industry, including regulations across national boundaries. Our AI and ML technology is patent-pending.


We have established partnerships with major marina networks and organizations in the industry. We are interested in continuing to partner with a myriad of organizations across borders, to make recreational boating more accessible to a new generation.

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