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Anikó Nagy
Proprietor, Designer and Developer

// Description of activity

3DMA is a smart wood patented by us with integrated electronics, shields and functional elements. As a combination of nature and high-tech, it works in interaction with the user. This is how we turn intelligent room control and luxury interior concepts into reality: interactive operable environments and design objects made of wood, for the interiors of the next generation.

// Solution or Product description

The combination of high-quality, sustainable, resource-efficient, regrowable materials, as well as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electronics, is the product basis. The 3DMA precious wood structure (for interaction, usability + info playback) allows for a very slim, lightweight, all-round usable and form-fitting insert, thereby creating new and extended possibilities for design and function.

// Unique selling proposition

– High-tech in wood (3DMA) ‘‘smart wood’’
– 80% precious wood with implemented extra functions + high-tech (light, slim, delicate) for multi-control room controls
– Existing patent + further developments.

// Differentiation

3DMA is not a surface coating, but lightweight material into which we integrate various electronics and functions. With it, we create high-quality 3D objects that can be operated from all sides.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

R&D and production of extra nature-friendly materials, electronics and products are part of our business base. In addition, 10% of our profits are invested into nature saving projects. 

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina