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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


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Parag Gogate / Chief Strategy & Innovation Officier /

AgeVolt’s vision is to bring seamless & user-friendly electromobility to e_veryday life, by making EV charging convenient & accessible, achieve optimal energy distribution and reduce the total cost of ownership. We are developing an electromobility ecosystem, open for collaboration & contribute towards UN SDG of energy efficiency & climate action.


We are addressing the issues of inadequate charging infrastructure, peak energy demand imbalances & fragmented electromobility services. Our comprehensive EV charging ecosystem made of smart chargers, energy management system & a digital platform (Blockchain, IOT, AI/ML) is suitable for marinas, retail, hospitality, fleet, logistics, real estate & government sectors.


We offer a comprehensive, modular, interoperable & customisable EV charging ecosystem, that reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by over 20%. The solution is scalable and flexible to work on a single site to multiple sites with multiple charging stations to a regional level. The EV charger owner is always in full control of the settings & the solution works with Grid, Solar & Battery electricity sources.


The key differentiation is in the energy management system that ensures no expensive electrical connection upgrades are required to install chargers, it dynamically manages the reserved capacity in relation to electricity consumption of the building & regulates EV charging. A blockchain based platform enables integration of loyalty programmes and carbon measurement, tracking & offset via use of tokens.


To work with Marinas and relevant stakeholders to co-develop projects for electromobility ecosystem services. The objective will be to implement comprehensive EV charging solutions for fast & slow chargers, chargepoint management, energy management, integrating it to car parking management, loyalty programmes and carbon measurement, tracking & offset on the blockchain platform.

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