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Nir Ayalon

// Description of activity

We came together with the mission to protect the seas, and more specifically – to safeguard vessels, fleets, and ports. Our team of cybersecurity experts speaks fluent maritime, working side by side with you to cross the regulatory straits.

// Solution or Product description

Advanced fleet wide cybersecurity coverage for protecting IT and Operational assets from cyber threats. Cydome’s solution provides ship owners and operators with a complete, real-time map of the assets connected to the network – no more blind spots. And conducts automated, built-in cybersecurity checkups, while validating ongoing compliance with maritime regulations.

// Unique selling proposition

The company caters to fleets with its comprehensive cybersecurity suite that eliminates the shortcomings related to off-the-shelf products. The solution is Plug & Play – easy and self-deployed. Adaptive to any infrastructure – no further configuration required. Advanced cybersecurity capabilities from attackers point of view including, routine attack simulation & anomalies detection.

// Differentiation

Full spectrum protection for vessels while making sure the team monitoring the cyber security status knows exactly what to do; no hassles. Easy to use and demonstrate cybersecurity compliance to inspectors if required. Cydome designed its solution around vessels, so it could overcome the maritime world’s unique challenges. For example, real time protection of vessels during their voyage at sea with no IT dedicated personnel on board and more. Built by cybersecurity and maritime experts with a dedicated research team working on maritime cyber-threats by the backdoor.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Fleet owners and operators receive a simple cyber and compliancy visibility of their fleet. The system will assist and guide the team toward a tighter and protected vessel.

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