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Alan D’Alfonso Peral

// Description of activity

Geneseas, a range of solar and autonomous powered boats for cleaning aquatic areas. The robot Geneseas offers an effective solution to keep ports, marinas and other aquatic areas clean. It collects floating solid waste thanks to a 240 kg basket and captures hydrocarbons via a 100% natural and recyclable filter. It is also capable of monitoring essential water quality in real time.

// Solution or Product description

Two European Patents. The design of the robots in the GENESEAS range makes it possible to offer a unique solution for the depollution of aquatic areas. Autonomous, self-powered boats based on the same principle: low energy consumption and capable of filtering and treating a large quantity of water continuously, without generating any pollution. The size S of the Geneseas range currently represents the first connected, solar-powered and autonomous robot designed for the depollution of aquatic spaces.

// Unique selling proposition

Geneseas S stands out from its competition as it is the only autonomous, solar and connected solution on the market, with two EU patents that make it unique in its system and treatment efficiency.

// Differentiation

Two patents have been filed for the device patent number FR1770414: a process and device for removing floating waste and polluting substances in ports and natural aquatic areas. In 2019, patent EU FR1902301.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Our company is located in the center of France, this paradox has allowed us to develop a supply chain from local skills mainly located in the Aquitaine region. Only some complex parts such as turbines are acquired directly from an external manufacturers.

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