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Patrizia Franconi
Managing Director

// Description of activity

HospitHome is an innovative telemedicine monitoring-startup for sick, high-risk and urgent care needing  patients. Since 2019, it has been developing targeted projects. We create tools for medical assistance that utilizes the modern technologies, medical and scientific innovation. The aim is to promote a new model of health, economically efficient and patient-centered.

// Solution or Product description

We provide each vessel with certified measuring devices and remote professional support connected to a 24/7 medical service in 5 languages (ISO 9001). Thanks to objective patient data, the medical control center will remotely guide the on-board staff (from reanimation to medicalisation) according to international emergency protocols until the patient is stabilized or taken over by medical care.

// Unique selling proposition

HospitHome offers an overall service: we define the use case, deliver measuring devices linked to a protected    digital platform, draft clinical protocols for intervention of the alarm center, and trained staff assist patients while managing emergencies and waiting for professional help.

// Differentiation

We deliver a support of both video and tele consultation in 5 languages. The diagnosis is based on objective data gathered with medical devices. The medical central is certified as emergency management system.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Through large social and ecological sustainability: our telemedicine devices are long-lasting and constantly updated. Telemedicine is an economical way to reach patients far from medical care centers (as on the sea or in poor areas).

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina