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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


Christos Ioakeimidis
CEO / Co-Founder

// Description of activity

Inteligg delivers intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities. Inteligg develops products, provides services and engages in research in the fields of energy, transport, environment. The founding members have extensive experience in national and international research and system development projects, focusing on social innovation, energy efficiency as well as ICT solutions.

// Solution or Product description

SMARTH-PROP, developed by Inteligg P.C., is a self-learning and self-adjusting smart thermostat system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and Model Predictive Control (MPC) techniques deployed on the Cloud, supporting multi-zonal control of heating/cooling systems for high energy savings in large and complex buildings as well as in shipping/yachting cases up to 40%.

// Unique selling proposition

Our unique value proposition is the IP-protected technology of SMARTH-PROP offering two times (40%) more energy efficiency compared to any existing smart thermostats globally with 20% also less installation costs.

// Differentiation

Unlike other products/companies that are intended for residential applications, SMARTH-PROP is intended mainly for commercial buildings and offices using cloud platform advanced technologies.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Energy efficency on buildings brings not only economical benefits but also environmental ones resulting also in less CO2 emissions while we also make use of biodegradable products/processes.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina