Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


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Milos Petkovic
Business Operations

// Description of activity

Kalmia d.o.o. is a development company that helps companies thrive through digitization with digital solutions tailored to their needs. We create data-driven solutions to upgrade and connect data from existing systems to enable data connectivity and management from one location. With the use of new technologies like Blockchain and AI, we bring new added value to the customer.

// Solution or Product description

A secure and user-designed central web application to monitor, manage and share all important project information across different involving partners. Multi-level and blockchain-based application to manage and control project status, timeline, costs, documentation, and requirements for faster, more effective and automated exchange of project data.

// Unique selling proposition

Main UVP is:
– Individual and end to end approach;
– Short learning curve for system users;
– Customization of sharing experience;
– Data security layer provided by blockchain technology.

// Differentiation

Our main differentiation parameters are:
– Easy to use;
– Strong emphasis on data sharing capability between partners;
– Strong data security (blockchain);
– Support for various data sources.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Product information helps customers make more sustainable choices. Centralized and secure data allows the yachting industry to prove the sustainability of used materials and the production process.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina