Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


DATE OF COMPLETION: 15th June 2024
SIZE OF PROJECT: Total area 16,000 sqm / Footprint 8,174 sqm 

MAD Architects is committed to developing futuristic, organic, technologically advanced designs embodying a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity for nature. MAD endeavours to create a balance between humanity and the environment, based on the spiritual and emotional needs of residents.


MAD Architects is designing a panoramic viewpoint on top of the historic Fenix warehouse. In addition to the platform MAD will design a theatrical staircase and a public atrium which will merge the ground and first floors with the platform on the roof.


In this project, we have undertaken a number of sustainable initiatives, such as:
• The green roof, which helps with heat island effect and water management
• The use of the pluri-certified Kebony wood material management for inner surfaces
• The creation of the Tornado Skin, with a structure similar to that of a roller coaster in stainless steel (produced in Finland). Scraps will be collected and reused; and with its structure pushed to its limit, looking as if it is twisting in the air with no supports, it avoids the use of visible columns.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina