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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


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Athanasios Masouras / Materials and Processes Expert /

We develop, design, and produce advanced energy storage solutions to accelerate the energy transition. We have developed a graphene-based battery and supercapacitor manufactured by eco-friendly processes. Our next focus is tech integration to an efficient energy storage system that makes the storage of excess energy from RES a viable investment, optimising costs by 30% with a 50% longer lifecycle compared to competition.


Our team has made tremendous progress in proving that available graphene products can be applied to LIBs as anode electrode material and in validating that this technology can be easily upscaled in a sustainable way. This allows a higher cycle life of a battery, a safer operation due to the lower operating temperature, and the overall reduction in material consumption for this type of applications.


Our solution can transition existing battery manufacturers to graphene battery technology, addressing the battery formulation recipe. Our formula has been tested and offers the flexibility to approach different vendors. On manufacturing, it can be tailored and implemented in existing production lines, at the required scale, high-speed, low deployment cost, without disrupting the existing operation.


Our technology addresses all electrode formulation parameters such as raw material selection, electrode material recipe and the coating parameters. We have achieved improved battery performance using widely available graphene materials, providing flexibility for customers, and have created a sustainable manufacturing process. Our solution is ready for deployment in industrial application.


We are currently looking to raise funding to bring our technology from TRL6 to TRL9. More specifically, our next step is to further validate and qualify our graphene electrodes in industry standard cylindrical cells, and work on further optimizing the graphene formulation to increase robustness and boost performance.

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