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Water Optimisation
Water Optimisation


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We deliver a turnkey IoT Solution to measure in real time water consumption and detect leaks in real time. We can install in buildings, ports, and everywhere to avoid water wastagesOur customers today manage to save between 30% and 50% a year with our Solution. 
We are working with l’Oréal, LVMH, Vinci, Hammerson, Starbucks and more than 200 customers in 21 countries.


Three components :
Sensors to measure water consumption in real time, on all kind of pipes (DN10 to DN500) ;
• LoRa connectivity to collect all data from all sensors in buildings, ports, cities ;
• And a user friendly platform to analyse and detect all unusual behavior of a water network, by alerting people when there is a water wastage or a leak in real time.


We want to reduce by 40% water consumption in all kinds of building to protect and preserve water as long as possible, and avoid water wastages.



Four patents today and more in the future:
• Experts in Water management ;
• A specific sensor to measure, with 1 to 4 sensors by devices, with autonomy (5 years) ;
• A smart network (LoRa) to collect all data inside walls, grounds and other constraints from buildings ;
• A platform with IA inside and dashboard.


Co-development: Being part of this innovative and sustainable Smart Marina project aligns with our values and goals as a company. We want to become the technological base for IoT solutions in the energy/sustainability field.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina