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Catherine de Roincé

// Description of activity

Founded in 2012 by two researchers-entrepreneurs, TerrOïko develops new technologies applied to biodiversity and inspired by the best scientific & digital advances. We offer our clients analysis, modeling and visualization solutions of environmental data mobilizing new technologies for biodiversity management & monitoring such as digital twins, IoT & Deep learning.

// Solution or Product description

Our first solution on market, SimOïko is a fauna and flora simulator that mimics species dynamics and displacements at individual level. It provides an impact
assessment on current and future species viability according to infrastructure project induced landscape evolutions. This innovation mainstreams Natural Capital protection into projects.

// Unique selling proposition

The predictions made by modelling. Direct and quantitative comparisons of different infrastructure project scenarios impacts on biodiversity are now possible.

// Differentiation

SimOïko provides:
1. Reliable evaluation of fauna species viability within a large perimeter and at fine scale
2. Risk assessment on conflicts between wildlife and infrastructure / traffic.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

TerrOïko’s activities have direct beneficial impact on natural capital protection.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina