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Tom Birbeck / CEO /

ARC Marine is focused on designing, building, deploying and monitoring nature-based solutions for the marine environment. Our solutions include a marine friendly low carbon alternative to traditional concrete, which can be used in offshore construction projects. This is used in our Reef Cubes, Marine Armour and Marine Tiles.


ARC Marine’s technology accelerates reef creation and biodiversity in urbanised marine areas, like ports and harbours. Manufactured with 98% recycled materials and a carbon footprint that’s 91% less than standard cement-based products, it’s an ideal solution that can create durable marine habitats. It can be used to build coastal defences, protecting assets from rising sea levels, erosion and storm events, as well as eco enhancing tiles for repairs to existing walls, gravity moorings for vessels and subsea habitats for land reclamation projects.


We provide protection, moorings and other services that enhance marine habitats with low-carbon, marine-friendly materials, and a nature inclusive design. ARC Marine helps you to leave a positive legacy, whilst fulfilling project objectives, removing decommissioning costs from assets and improving environmental impact. Our Marine Crete is the only option currently proven to have the lowest carbon footprint and is available to the marine industries.


ARC Marine holds patents for Reef Cube technology and has secret know how on our Portland cement replacement. We are the only eco engineering company who has completely replaced cement from our materials and even have carbon neutral variants available to the market at a premium. Our team come from a unique background of offshore engineering, commercial diving, science and large-scale concrete manufacturing.


We are looking for project partners to trial our eco moorings & Marine Tiles around Monaco, and our Marine Armour and Reef Cube units around new land reclamation projects.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina