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Water Optimisation
Water Optimisation


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Pau Guasch / Co-founder & Manager/

A spin-off of the GPAINNOVA group, SEABOTS specialises in naval robotics and unmanned surface vehicles (USV) for operations in sheltered waters. SEABOTS focuses on facilitating the analysis, preservation and restoration marine environments, within the Blue Economy and by developing cuttingedge solutions. This goal is achieved by adapting the latest technologies in for sectors that have always been affected by operational barriers. SEABOTS’ devices reduce costs and increase operator safety.


The company has developed the SB 100 CLEANER, a marine surface drone specially designed for cleaning up solid waste, oil, and hydrocarbon spills on the water surface. It is equipped with two 30-liter nets and six absorbents for spill collection. It is 100% electric and works autonomously. Due to its great maneuverability and easy handling, it is capable of reaching any corner of the port, even those that are difficult to access. It also has an integrated front camera for real-time vision, as well as an intelligent anti-collision sensor to operate with maximum safety.


At present, one of the principal issues in ports and marinas is oil spills on the surface. To overcome it, the SB 100 CLEANER offers an autonomous, unique solution ready to clean any port’s corner. Today, more than ever, we are committed to sustainability in ports and marinas, developing technological solutions in accordance with their needs.


One of our most outstanding clients is Marina Barcelona MB92, a world-class organization in the superyacht refit market since 1992. Considered as an international reference in this field, his company already uses the USV or the marine drone SB 100 CLEANER to keep its waters clean all the time. This experience shows us that this revolutionary technology, which stands out for its minimal acquisition and maintenance costs, can be easily integrated in all ports and marinas. If required, we could also integrate other sensors as multiparametric sounder to monitor different water parameters.


Our USVs are specially designed to operate in sheltered waters such as harbors, marinas, reservoirs, lakes, mine lakes, high mountain lakes, rivers, and coastal calm waters. The SB 100 CLEANER is a valuable addition to any port or marina activity, it integrates easily into the port cleaning process. This USV is extremely easy to deploy and handle in the water. During these months, we have improved the features of the drone, and we have received positive feedback from our clients. Now it is the most versatile USV on the market.

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