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Ashored Inc.


Stephen Jones
Chief Business Development Officer

// Description of activity

Ashored is addressing global issues of marine entanglements, lost and abandoned fishing gear and the traceability / sustainability of fixed-trap fisheries such as crab and lobster. The flagship product is a rope-on-command (ROC) system that removes vertical buoy lines and packages them on the seafloor until needed. The software platform tracks and monitors the location of underwater assets.

// Solution or Product description

Although Ashored’s rope-on-command (ROC) platform was initially built for commercial fisheries it has a broad scope of applications. For Smart marinas it is a smart buoy ecosystem with no vertical buoy lines and precise location and tracking through software. Each buoy can also be connected to a suite of underwater sensors gathering information about noise, salinity, turbidity, temperature etc.

// Unique selling proposition

Besides removing vertical buoy lines, every ROC system is a collection data point to make informed decisions, and provide information about catch rates, sea state, noise and the pinpoint tracking of assets.

// Differentiation

Ashored’s approach is to work with fishermen and regulators from concept to product with every aspect being designed with functionality and ease-of-use in mind. We are also focused on data analytics.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Ashored is focused on fishery sustainability and traceability. Automatic reporting, reduction of ocean pollution, lost gear, e-logging and stock management, country of origin compliance.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina