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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation

// Description of activity

BlockDox is a proptech focused data science company. Using IoT & artificial intelligence, our patented technology helps: 
– Organisations with large real estate portfolios manage & exceed their sustainability goals, reduce operational wastage, increase profitability & improve space utilisation. 
– Transport operators improve efficiency, manage boarding/alighting, crowding, & disruption management.

// Solution or Product description

Our patented technology interprets mission critical data from within your space, whether it’s a building, rail station, train or bus, so you know where to target improvements. BlockDox’s intelligent software platform helps you understand how to use data on occupancy, energy and air quality to maximise your performance on energy savings, space utilisation, cleaning schedules, and many more.

// Unique selling proposition

1. Innovation: patented technology & unique algorithms;
2. Interoperability;
3. Hardware agnostic;
4. Works across multiple space types;
5. Privacy compliant, not relying on cameras, beacons, apps or tags.

// Differentiation

Understanding what to do with data is key. We are positioned in the analytics & insights layer of the asset management ecosystem, delivering missing insights & providing key context to space management.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

BlockDox’s Climate Impact has been independently validated & certified by Impact Forecast. In summary, every 5 years we can help clients save over 1 million tons of CO2, equivalent to 16,100,650 trees.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina