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Niklas Kaustinen / CTO /

We build an ecosystem of different lock manufacturers,
IT-service providers and security 
system integrators by offering an open platform providing keyless and digital access to any building or space worldwide. The ecosystem we create completely changes the way people access places – no need for physical keys or cards, as access is through people’s mobile devices. Access management is less complicated than existing solutions and provides significant cost savings in resources and time.


Quick and easy installation – new resources can be added on the fly:

Suitable for all doors – both new projects and retrofit installations
Hardware available for many areas (doors, locks, cabinets, elevators, gates, machines, vehicles etc.)
Cost effective – No wiring, no network
Single app for all access points and across organizational boundaries
• Can be installed in parallel to existing access systems (for greater visitor management flexibility).
SDK’s available to enable access for customer’s own (custom) app
White labelled web and mobile apps available
API integrations to 3rd party systems
• User’s access can be managed across multiple organisations without any time limitations
• System creates user access logs
Secure and audited technology


Ease of use = Our system is easy, fast and costeffective to install as there is no wiring or network needed.
Flexibility = Applicable to any type of access point (doors, cabinets, elevators…). Cloud service working anywhere. Hardware independent, offering products from multiple manufacturers. Versatile integrations to other IT-systems (booking systems, CRM or other access control system).
Security = We are proven to be cybersecure, GDPR compliant.
Reliability = Works without network and with any smartphone.


Based on a patented, highly secure protocol that integrates into any lock or digital device offering smart, secure access for any person. Smartphones communicate with hardware using Bluetooth or NFC, complete with updates of features and configurations – no need for cabling or network connections.

• Is available for all iOS and Android handsets
customisable for any brand (white-label) or customers own mobile applications (SDK)

Offers a cloud service dashboard maintaining secure access.


We are looking for security partners who could resell the Bitwards Service in the Marina environment.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina