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Mobility & Services


Drones For Yachts /


Pierre Deyris & Chahine Bouaiache / Co-founders /

We are a first mover in the creation of a new activity providing a seamless delivery experience with high standards to yacht owners and charter guests. Our goal is to offer an innovative delivery service by drones to the world of Yachting, 
in less than 15 minutes for any urgent need but also any recreational desires, with a lower impact on the environment and a unique customer experience. Our drones will have a leading role in connecting more efficiently marinas, luxury concierge services and yachts. We will assist captains, crews and luxury concierge services by removing a potentially tedious tender ride.


To offer an innovative delivery service to the world of Yachting, enabling each customer to receive in 15 minutes their delivery. Bespoke customer experience is at the heart of our DNA. We organize and supervise each drone’s flight and coordinate and deliver packages in record time. Our mission is to democratize use of drones so the logistics world can use a means that reduces last-mile environmental impact mile. Starting with a niche market, our experience will give players on the market the confidence to extend the offer from sea to land.


We provide the best products in our marketplace and work closely with various prestigious and local brands to make your request unique and available faster. You can place an order at Christofle to receive the latest Nike Jordan or local lemons from whichever region your in. All in 15 minutes. Welcome to the new world!


Our state-of-the-art service fits perfectly into the life and architecture of the port. We have designed a technological hub that allows us to combine security, beauty and efficiency. Our teams optimize the logistics value chain from merchant to the port’s hub, then to our final customers. Our drone is equipped with the latest technology to enable an efficient experience coupled with an elegant design.
AI – 110km/h – 15 mins – 5kg – Smart technology detection – Autopilot.
At present, our marketplace is unique and the product exclusive.


Commercialization to marinas in the Mediterranean. Investment for launch next year. Support with business development and international expansion. Smart Marina to be our official partner for our future events (Vivatechnology Paris, MYS Monaco 2022, Dubai International Boat Show 2023).

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina