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Boatpark redefines guest berths management in a marina by collecting information about absences from permanent berth renters and providing this as an additional capacity. Marinas can rent those to guests via a state-of-the art app, in 5 languages. Guests can find, book and pay for guest berths via the app and provide all necessary documents from their mobile.


Boatpark is the easiest to use berth booking app on the market, confirmed by the “Yacht” magazine. And Boatpark is the only app, that solves not only the demand side (users booking a berth) but the supply side (generating more capacity) by incentivizing yacht owners to participate. Boatpark is a global platform to find guest berths, available in 5 languages and (currently) 4 currencies, bringing together guests with marinas globally with ease. With Boatpark, marinas can benefit from global marketing and increase their visibility towards guests while guest benefit from access to marinas with one single registration.


Marinas can test Boatpark effort and risk-free, as the setup of a marina is fully digital, does not need any physical installations, is done in 24hrs based on a berth plan and no costs apply. The finance model is provision-based on reservations executed over the platform, giving both, the marina and Boatpark, an incentive to create capacity, rent out berths and keep a long-standing relation by top service.


Boatpark provides fully thought-through end-toend processes while keeping the platform easy and intuitive to use. Boatpark manages individual berths, giving guests an additional criteria to choose from and allowing for direct navigation to the berths, no need to consult any marina maps. For the marina this reduces the administrative effort significantly, as guests are pre-assigned to the berths.


Commercialization, potentially investment: with the experience of 4 seasons we have a proven product that is ready to be rolled-out globally. We are looking for customers (marinas) and partners to support the roll-out in the Med and beyond. We already have a team of investors on board, but for subsequent phases of scale-up we are open to investors as well.

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