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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


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Giorgio Cucé / CEO - Engineer /

Seares, an innovative company operating in the nautical and renewable energy sector, is able to recover clean energy from floating mooring and anchoring bodies. Our products advantages include integration into existing structures in the area, being completely recyclable and using completely biodegradable oils. Each of our devices can be enriched with all kinds of systems and sensors that we are able to monitor and manage.


Seadamp FX is the wave energy recovery system for floating pontoons and breakwaters with zero impact on the marine environment thanks to recyclable materials and biodegradable oils inside. Seadamp FX integrates perfectly into port ecosystems, preserving the landscape and visible areas as it is installed on the anchor line to the seabed. The device synergistically combines progressive elastic components, a hydraulic piston with moving valves and a linear alternating motion conversion system that moves internal generators to produce energy. As well as producing significant amounts of electricity, Seadamp FX optimizes the port or marina’s energy production and monitors consumption, thanks to its integrated smart IoT connectivity.


Seadamp FX systems and their IoT smart grid are among the devices that can enable ports to make the real digital transition to “the next level harbors 4.0”.


Internal secret know-how, international patents and designs already granted, and an experienced inhouse team.


Thanks to «Smart & Sustainable Marina 2022», we expect to speed up the entrance into new markets and increase knowledge of Seares products and the brand’s reputation. Through internationalization, and strategic, targeted marketing culminating in participation in International Nautical trade fairs, we expect to consolidate the markets we already oversee and to expand into new ones.

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