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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


Solar Cloth /


William Borderie / Sales Director /

Manufacture of thin film and flexible solar panels (made with CIGS; no silicon).
Solar Cloth panels are tailor-made, truly flexible, and meant to be installed where other panels are not an option (light structure, textile areas) or to be easily moved / removed.


1. Ultra flexible, thin (< 1mm) and light panels (1.7kg per square meter) with 80% efficiency warranty in 20 years.
2. 17,6% efficiency (vs 18% to 22% for regular panels) and very low carbon footprint (15gr of CO2 per kWh).


• Solar Cloth panels are tailor-made (size, shape,power, fixing solution…) and can be installed anywhere.
• This in addition to better handle vibrations (no micro-cracks) and to be more resistant to shock and shadow (if a cell is under shadow, only two cells will stop working).


• French manufacture and our main suppliers are not in China (Western Europe, North America…).
• Better handling of shadow, shock and heat (only -10% of efficiency at 55/60°C).
• If the panel receives a strong shock or fall due to manipulation chances are it will only slightly reduce its lifespan and you won’t need to replace it.


Our main objective is to help marinas, cities, boat owners (in addition to our other markets) to install solar panels where this was not an option a few years ago. About Marinas, this can be on the pontoon to add shade and benefit from solar energy or in parking areas / where cars are waiting before boarding on ferries for example.

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