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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


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Domenic Chiavone / Business Development Director /

WideSky have developed a simplified, cloud based, utility billing data solution designed to meet the complex needs of Marinas. This packaged, turnkey solution has been in use since 2019 and adopted by Tasport, Shell Cove, Sydney Super Yacht Marina, Marina Mirage and Gold Coast City Marina. These sites support hundreds of customers with practically unlimited growth capacity.


This is a cloud-based portfolio solution that supports sites in diverse and remote locations, with compact electricity and water metering to meet pedestal size constraints, and data solutions, ensuring customer billing is compliant to energy regulations.
The solution is integrated with a range of Marina Management Systems for simplified access to data, increasing safety and offering real-time status of all pedestal-based assets.


WideSky overcomes utility management and reporting challenges with its unique wireless mesh architecture, compliant compact utility meters and industrial grade hardware and extensive skill set in meter data acquisition for billing and sustainability reporting. This all tied together with our leading WideSky platform to give the customer and end to end turnkey solution.


WideSky overcomes utility management and reporting challenges with its unique wireless mesh architecture, compliant compact utility meters and industrial grade hardware and extensive skill set in meter data acquisition for billing and sustainability reporting.


We are seeking to engage with prospects globally to assess the fit for our offering. Also, we are keen to understand the competitive landscape and unlock better management and sustainability outcomes for marina operators globally.

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