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// Description of activity

CityMaaS is an award-winning technology company based in London, established to address the needs of over 1 billion disabled people globally while helping the business community to be inclusive and tap into $8 trillions growth opportunities. We use machine learning and data on Mobility Map Platform (, Assist Me plugin and AWARE to enable independent living offline and online.

// Solution or Product description

CityMaaS makes the world accessible to ALL online and offline using our cutting edge technology.

// Unique selling proposition

We provide growth value for our clients. Currently businesses are losing £2bn/month ignoring disability needs. Our technology helps client to grow, minimise legal risks & enhance reputation.

// Differentiation

1. Machine learning prediction accuracy of 90% for   accessibility Data.
2. Assist Me has high accurate NLP for seamless user experience.
3. AWARE provides auto and manual checks for websites against Web Content Accessibility Guideline. 

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

CityMaaS has social impact and sustainability in its heart. As UN SDG 4, 8, 10, 11 and 17 addresses people with disabilities at a global level, where CityMaaS mission is fully aligned.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina