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Nicolas Reffé

// Description of activity

Trusted Mobility Services preserving Privacy. We have developed, a Blockchain/Enclave (Intel SGX) mobility data and contract management platform allowing users to prove mobility activities (docking, boating, driving, riding, parking…) to service providers without exposing the detail of their activities. GeoWallet combines Trust and Privacy.

// Solution or Product description

GeoWallet is a customizable mobility data and contracts management platform allowing to configure and run any mobility service automatically, without infrastructure, and without infringing on user’s privacy. GeoWallet involves a mobile app for users, an administration webapp for the service provider and a graph-based Blockchain / Enclaves backend for trusted and anonymous data storage and computing.

// Unique selling proposition

GeoWallet is an infrastructure-free mobility and parking service solution preserving user’s privacy

// Differentiation

By providing a user-centric mobility data management solution, GeoWallet simplifies service portability while preserving user privacy.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

By providing a user-centric data management solution, we avoid multiple user data storage. The DAG blockchain/Enclave backend developed is a permissionned environment extremely effective from an energy consumption standpoint.

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