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CYRIAS Technologies, LLC

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CYRIAS Technologies, LLC


Jon Rappaport

// Description of activity

Provide: autonomous, quantum-resilient, self-healing encryption platform + integrated enterprise security suite, applying advanced virtualization methods to protect digital assets (in unlimited concurrent trusted digital relationships) vs. today’s highly vulnerable standard IT network protection approach. Our tech is universally applicable, patented, and vetted by top national security experts.

// Solution or Product description

Our Autonomous Key Management (AKM) is a low-cost/maintenance, zero trust, self-healing cybersecurity (encryption + secure communications) platform that universally replaces PKI. AKM protects unlimited concurrent ‘‘Security Groups’’ (virtual security relationships) of ‘‘Digital Assets’’ (users, devices, files, apps), with each security group having unique end-to-end, policy-based security credentials.

// Unique selling proposition

First Cyber Risk Assurance platform providing simple, universal, cost-effective, autonomous and quantum-resilient digital asset-centric cryptographic cybersecurity, with integrated integrity management.

// Differentiation

AKM is a simple drop-in replacement for PKI that renders the majority of today’s PKI-based solutions obsolete. We massively improve security at far lower product, administrative, and operational cost.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

An eco-positive side-effect of Covid-19 was learning how effectively people can work from home (or yacht), but it created & exposed huge new cybersecurity vulnerabilities – We eliminate this risk!

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