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Amael Cohades

// Description of activity

At CompPair, we believe in a world without materials waste. By extending the lifetime of composites, we bring circularity to the industry. HealTech is a ground-breaking innovation in the field of self-healing composites, enabling the production of composite structures that can heal damage on site in 1 minute. CompPair tackles composite limitations leading a paradigm change for the industry.

// Solution or Product description

Answering problems of durability and sustainability, CompPair drastically reduces maintenance costs, improves recycling of composite parts while keeping standard specifications. CompPair products, HealTech, are preimpregnated textiles integrating a novel chemistry to produce healable and sustainable composites, extending their lifetime, and improving circularity.

// Unique selling proposition

CompPair’s unique selling proposition is the compatibility with existing manufacturing, at comparable performances with commercial composites, while allowing in-situ damage repair and improving recyclability.

// Differentiation

The competition has large product portfolios, including various improved properties, but has not yet reached the competitive advantage we provide in terms of 400x faster repair and recycling efficiency.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

While extending the lifetime of composites would lead to Mtons of CO2 savings, life-cycle analysis for circular economy of composites, demonstrated resources reduction of at least 50%. We are thus fully in-line with SDGs 12 and 13.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina